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Dimsum Shumay

Containing Fresh Chicken and Halal Ingredients with varian topping Smoked Beef, Carrot, Cheese, Mozarella, Mushroom, etc.

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Warming with Traditional Steamer or with Microwave. Packaging already Food Grade and save BPA.

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Determine your profit, Sell with Offline and Online Target Audience.

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Behind The Recipe

Being a Moslem from Minangkabau descent makes her not only like trading activities but also a culinary lover of the archipelago. After getting married almost 1 decade ago, she worked in several private companies and several times tried commercial activities ranging from Moslem clothing, beauty products and others even though she did it only during intervals.

But now Reni Indriaty has her full name who is trying the culinary business that she has long dreamed of and decided in the 4th quarter of 2017 to produce Chinese culinary specialties namely Dimsum Halal with the brand name TheDimsum.ID. With the process of slaughtering chickens that God willing has complied with Sharia is done by our partners and uses good product ingredients. All these activities are carried out at home without disrupting their daily activities as a housewife and caring for their 3 children.

TheDimsum.ID promotional activities through Digital Channel are assisted by her husband and Dimsum delivery or shipping activities are using 3rd party goods delivery services.

At present, although the number of sales has not reached a fantastic target, in the future, we hope Allah Azza Wajalla will make it easier to achieve this target. Thank you. May you and your family always be healthy.

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Meet The Chefs

Reni Indriaty

Reni Indriaty

Cooking Enthusiast

Reni is a woman who has a hobby of cooking and making all food in the form of cakes for family serving.


Abi Yudhie

Inbound Marketers and SEO Lovers

Having a hobby in the field of Inbound Marketing, especially SEO and Digital Marketing, makes this something that can help the online sales distribution process.


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